Easy transcription notes in Inform 7

This may not be very clever and I am sure I stole this from somewhere (don’t really even remember to be honest), but here’s a nice little line of Inform 7 code that will allow for easy and clean comments in a game transcription.

Understand "* [text]" as a mistake ("Noted.").

Simply put, this allows you to type in:

>* whatever notes you want to enter

and the parser simply says “Noted.” instead of the usual “That’s not a verb I recognize.” or some similar message.

This makes looking at transcriptions a little easier and also helps separate the notes from the true error messages that you may want to see so you can check what verbiage the user is having trouble with.

If this is your code that I don’t recall snagging it from, let me know and accept my apologies for not remembering.

Update:  I found where I got this from, straight from the manual….LOL (http://inform7.com/learn/man/doc279.html)


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