IFComp 2013 – Review – 100,000 Years

Life got in the way so I’m a bit late on the reviews….but I’ll try to remedy that here soon.  Here’s the first one, for 100,000 years by Pierre Chevalier.  As I’m typing this, I am realizing that I’ve invested more time in creating this review, than I did with actually playing the game.

I guess some people may like this short of thing, but to me it was just a web page with a next and previous button with a small bit of text.  Perhaps some can appreciate the recursive nature of the “story”, if you want to call it that.  And i guess it fits the definition of Interactive Fiction, but to me I just didn’t see the point.  Very short, so not much time was spent on this, so give it a shot if you like this sort of thing….just not for me.


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