IFComp 2013 – Autumn’s Daughter – Review

Another CYOA style game, but much to my surprise I enjoyed this one.  Not only did I find the story compelling, IAutumnsDaughter found the extra polish that was given to the interface made it stand out from others.  I find that many of these style of games often get lost in poor writing (a problem with all styles of IF), poor interface or just an overload of text with a few hyperlinks to click just to move the story along.

Autumn’s Daughter did not fall into these traps. It was well written, had a great interface and offered enough choices that made slight differences in the endings, that it made me come back and play it.  In fact I played it once more through before writing this review and managed to stumble upon another ending that I hadn’t come across before.  None of the paths take more than a few minutes to progress through, so there is no reason not to keep coming back.

The story is geared around telling us the plight of young women in Pakistan and it succeeds in getting that point across.  However, there is not real character or world building which leaves it lacking some and I never really felt much empathy for the specific characters in the game.  In fact, the first time or two through the game I didn’t realize what the underlying theme or setting were, so the whole story was lost on my at first.  But, I was intrigued enough and the effort to play again was minimal that I kept coming back.

Overall, a solid effort for the CYOA genre, nothing spectacular but still a solid effort that was well done, which in my mind puts it ahead of most other similar games.


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