IFComp 2013 – Machine of Death – Review

Now this one was fun.  This one deals with the self-fulfilling prophecy in which you try to avoid an outcome you know is coming, but the outcome is reached often through ways you did not expect and could not avoid despite your best efforts.  This one kept you coming back as there are many different scenarios that you can play though (I won’t spoil any of them for you as the experience and surprise is most the fun in these kinds of games).

This was a well written both textually and execution wise.  There is a fair amount of decisions to be made and each do seem to make a difference.  I doubt I’ve reached all the different scenarios even after playing for a bit.  None of the scenarios are very long, so a single play-through shouldn’t take more than a 10 minutes or so.

What would be interesting here is if the author continues to expand on the scenarios as they could be endless and would continue to bring be back from time to time.

I’m still more of a parser / puzzle fan, but this is how CYOA is done correctly and makes me a believer that the platform has great potential in the correct hands.   Well done!


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