November IF Update

Thanksgiving_1900As I write this, it’s actually late on October 31.  Despite it not quite being November yet,  I have plenty to talk about for this monthly update so I’ll get started now anyway.

Halloween is past us and IFComp 2013 voting is starting to wind down.  I’ve played most of the games and have my votes tallied though I’ve been lax on putting out reviews here.  Initially I was enthusiastic about playing all the games and sharing my thoughts here, but as the month went on I became less and less excited to post reviews.  Not because the games weren’t good….there are some good ones in the batch, but more I had too many sticks in the fire this month to spend too much time writing reviews.  I was struggling finding time to play the games as it was.

I did however, manage to squeeze three hours last Saturday to create my entry for EctoComp 13 (website hasn’t been updated yet, but he said it would be soon).  Games were released today so get out there, play them and rate them.  This year EctoComp received a record number of entries (24) ….last year there were only 6 games submitted.  I’ve played through a few already and despite being speed IF, they have for the most part been of good quality.   I won’t talk about my game here just yet….but I do plan on revising it, I’ve actually started already, to fix the problems it has, round out the story and perhaps expand upon it a bit.  I really like my idea and I want to expand on it.  I’ll let you all know here when I have an update ready.

I’ve not touched my other two WIPs too much since last month.  I’m probably falling behind some if I plan on getting something ready for the Spring comp, but maybe if I push through, I might be ready.  I’ve spent most of my coding time this month toying with new ideas, looking at others source code, and generally just learning more about the craft.

It’s been an exciting October for me so looking forward to a great November as well.   As always….go north my friends.



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