February 2014 – IF Update

I suppose I should do a February update before it’s March.  Well we’ve been dealing with a cold and snowy winter here in the northern US.  You’d think that would give me all kinds of time to do some coding.  Well I have been coding, but not much of anything anyone reading this would be interested in.  All work related stuff, and man have we been busy.  Good for the old wallet, but not much help with the free time.

In fact, I’ve fallen out of the community a bit, not kept up with the goings on.  Oh I’ve poked my head in now and again on the forums, looked on IFDB to see if anything interesting popped up and of course I’ve stayed a little more active on our private Google+ IF writing group that Marshall created.  The writing group, as Marshall stated in his post, has been invaluable to me in learning so much, even though I’ve not been writing much.

That brings me to my main point to this update.  I’ve not written much in the last month and a half.  I’ve tinkered with my WIPs a few times and added some pieces and fixed some bugs, but I’ve just not felt too creative.  I have however, read as much as I could, learning as much as I can.  Keeping up with what Emily and Zarf and all the others have been doing.  Reading the forums and seeing the problems that have come up and the solutions that were found.  I’ve tried to contribute when I could, but not as much as I would have liked.

I hope to get back working on some IF in March.  The muse has not been kind to me and as I sit here thinking about my WIPs, I don’t know what to do next with them.  I might need to start something small and fresh just to get the juices flowing again.  I’m looking at getting into the ShuffleComp that is being talked about on the forums….something like this would be the perfect vehicle to get me back on track.  I think that’s why I like these smaller comps.  They are typically pretty focused and in this case some guidance on the story will be helpful.  In fact, just writing about it on here is getting me excited to get started.  Comp is still in the planning phases so watch the forum for updates and I’ll try to announce something here, especially if I do end up participating.

Well that’s been my new year so far….a whole bunch of nothing.  Never gonna get my game done for IFComp 2014 at this pace.

As always, Go north my friends!