Trizbort – April 2016 update

So after a long hiatus, I’ve released another update of Trizbort.  This update has many updates that have been sitting out there for a few months now.  Thanks to Andrew Schultz once again for many of these changes as he was a huge driver for many of them.

You can see the full list of changes on the release page at or directly from GitHub at

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions, requests or bug reports either here or create an issue on GitHub.



One thought on “Trizbort – April 2016 update

  1. Thanks for the great ongoing updates to Trizbort. I’m currently using v1.5.9.5 on Windows 10. A couple of feature suggestions: 1. Could you add an option to disable zooming with the mouse scroll-wheel so that scroll gestures on a trackpad (left and right, and up and down) can scroll the main map window? That would feel more intuitive to me. I’m always making those gestures and forgetting that they’ll trigger a zoom and then being startled by the map vanishing into nothingness or hurtling towards me like a skydiving accident!
    2. Also, could you add an option to reverse the directions in which the cursor keys move the Viewport in the Minimap? Currently, pressing left-arrow moves the Viewport (and the horizontal scrollbar) to the right, and vice versa — and it’s the same for up/down — which seems backwards to me. Thanks again for all your work on a great app.

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