Trizbort v1.5.9.9

Hey everyone, new release today in celebration of Independence Day here in the United States on the 4th.  Or really, just an excuse to get a few things that have been lingering in the code into an official release.

As usual, you can get the bits at

One feature I’m kind of excited about, but still in its infancy, is the new validation menu.




What does this do?  Well when checked it will display rooms with a red X over them if it fails any of the selected validations.  For example, above we are checking for dangling connections, those connections that are connected to a room on only one side.   Below is a portion of a map showing this in action.






Why did this come about?  I had a user email me asking if something like this was possible.  They were actually pulling in the resulting Trizbort map into a yet undisclosed application they were developing and something like this would be beneficial to them to make sure rooms had the features they needed for their software.

Currently Trizbort only supports the four validations as shown in the menu.  Others are on the table and the thought of allowing the user to define others themselves (for example, looking for certain text in descriptions or room titles) has been kicked around.

Trizbort doesn’t stop the user from saving the map or exporting to your favorite supported IF language, it’s purely for informational purposes.  Hope people find this useful.

As always, thanks for the many users who have found bugs, made suggestions or simply sent a word of thanks for the continuing work being done on Trizbort.   A special thanks to Andrew Schultz for his continued testing, support and many pull requests into the code base.



5 thoughts on “Trizbort v1.5.9.9

  1. Well, I’m really not sure. Right now there are some controls used on the front end that are not allowing it to be compiled with Mono for linux and in fact it seems to be stopping it from running correctly in a virtual windows box on a Mac.

    Currently I’m working on removing those controls and using more standard ones (yet trying to keep some of the “extra” functionality that those are giving). I’m moving slowly to say the least because of other commitments. But I do hope to have something that is runnable as I’ve had quite a few requests lately for a more cross-platform solution.

      1. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Mac to give it a whirl myself, so I am taking some others word for it. As far as Linux goes, I’m not sure if anyone has tried it virtually, but I do know that some have tried compiling it in Mono without success and from the error messages they’ve sent, it is pointing at those 3rd party controls…so out they go.

        I actually thought about doing a web-based version, and may still do that, just not sure I want to tackle that at the moment as it will be a bit of work.

      2. Yes indeed! Supporting Windows, Mac, Linux and Web versions would not be appealing to me, either! Still, I’ll stay tuned and see what happens. (In the meantime, I will see if I can get IFMapper to work, in spite of the inevitable Ruby-ecosystem problems; and until then, I will just keep editing ASCII maps in Emacs 🙂 )

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