Trizbort v1.6.1 – Minor Release

Just wanted to throw out a quick little release with a few quick bug releases.  You can find out all about the new version on the release page.  Or feel free to download the latest version and unzip as usual (more on a change to the process in future versions below).

Nothing too exciting in those a few lingering bugs were fixed and one that was introduced with the v1.6 release that affected the most recently opened maps menu.  Sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused.

Two new features.

First, room subtitles can now have its own font and color.  This is another step in my quest to make Trizbort as configurable as possible.

I’m working on making it more flexible and at the same time I want to improve the interface to make those changes so it becomes more intuitive on how to make those changes.










Secondly,  I’ve added a menu under the Help menu to allow the user to Check for Updates.  If an update is available, it can automatically download the newest version, install it and restart Trizbort right where you left off.

As always, the install is simple, so you can still just download the zip file on the latest release (as you’ll need to do with this version) and unzip it to a location of your choosing.

Please let me know if you have any issues (older versions are always available on GitHub if you need them).  Any bugs or requests can be put directly on GitHub or feel free to add comments here.



Trizbort v1.6.0

Been a bit since we’ve had an official release of Trizbort, but pleased to finally bring this to you today.  v1.6 drops today and as usual you can get the bits at There you can read all the release notes (or look at the bottom of this post) and download the zip file which you can just extract in the folder of your choice.  Everything needed to run should be in there.

As usual, if you find any issues or have suggestions, please create an issue on Github as that is the easiest way for me to track things.

Quest Support

Trizbort now supports exporting to Quest thanks to @ThePix who was gracious enough to provide a pull request.  This now brings the list of supported languages to 7 (Inform 7, Inform 6, Alan, Hugo, Zil, Tads, Quest).

Full release notes:


  • check for new versioned files and show warning when loading map (#353)
  • Trizbort now will detect changes to loaded map from another application and ask to reload the map (#365)
  • Added export for Quest (Thanks to @ThePix for this) (#392)
  • Added option in AppSettings to show the full file path in the main window caption.
  • Can now set a default room shape for a map in Map Settings (#93)
  • Can add a link to reference another room from a room (done through room properties). Ctrl-Click on the room with the reference will go to the room being referenced (#370)
  • Color picker in map settings now allows setting multiple colors at once. Just Ctrl or Shift click on the colors to select many and all can be set to same color at once (#108)


  • fixed naming consistency between context menu and main menu and room shape names (#356)
  • opening zoom is a bit more accurate and better handles margins (#357)
  • Fixed issue where Trizbort wasn’t saving the last loaded project if that map was loaded from most recent maps menu (#364)
  • Minor adjustment on alignment of in/out text on rounded and octagonal rooms. (#378)
  • fixed error with room property dialog and rooms shapes. (#394, #388)
  • copy of room now copies the subtitle.
  • default object text color was not respected if object text was inside room and no room specific object text color was chosen. (#402)


  • Refactored the copy / paste giving some code optimizations and fixing some copy bugs where some properties were not getting copied. (#379, TRIZ-145, TRIZ-152, TRIZ-47)
  • Application Settings has been refactored. App Settings are now stored in an appsettings.json file in the application folder. The legacy settings.xml stored in the user folder will be read in if it exists and there is no appsettings.json file. This simplified the code and allows for easier management as we add new options. Map settings still stored in the map file.
  • moved the revisions.txt to a more standard file.
  • added scrollbars to the Map Settings -> Description and History inputs. (#390, #391)
  • App settings are now saved on an affirmative close of the app settings dialog.