IFography #3

ifography3Today the third issue of IFography was released.  In this issue are a lot of great articles and reviews.

Highlights include an interview with IF author Carolyn VanEseltine, discussion with some of the author’s of last years Shufflecomp, an interesting take on Magnetic Scrolls’ version of Alice in Wonderland and much more.

Check it out.

IFography #2 Released

IFography #2 - March 2015
IFography #2 – March 2015

Another issue of IFography has been released and is available at:


Articles in this issue include

++ Interview with Ryan Veeder, author of Taco Fiction and Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder.
++ The World of IF – how you can help fellow IF enthusiasts.
++ Tools section – Update on the newly released version of Trizbort by your truly.
++ Reviews, News and more

This is turning into a nice little magazine put together by fellow enthusiasts.  Thanks to the editors Matt Goh and Marshal Tenner Winter for putting together.  And a special thanks for a job well done goes out to Robert Patten for all his design work he did on this issue.