Trizbort – June Release

Time for another Trizbort release.  Version is out and available for download.  This releases adds a few new features that I think are pretty handy and fixes a few issues with the automapper (thanks for Marshall Tenner Winter for asking me to beta test his WIP which helped me find these few issues with it.)

  • Form to show some basic map statistics. We can expand no this in the future.
  • Swap room names with Ctrl+W
  • Swap room formats/fills with Shift+W
  • Swap room regions with Alt+W
  • Automapper does a bit better job of ignoring the game title.
  • Automapper handles room names that end in paranethesis a little better.
  • Fixed the copy / paste which was broken in some cases.
  • Setting a connection to plain (P), now sets the color back to default and removes the middle text if any.
  • Added some special select commands under Edit->Select Special. Quickly allows the user to select special items (all rooms with objects for example).

As always, send me any issues that you may find or forward me on any feature requests you may have.


Trizbort and New Trizbort Website

Thanks to some contributors we’ve been able to keep development of Trizbort moving along.  So I’m happy to release another minor update to Trizbort.  This update (, focused on a few new features and the beginning work on a somewhat neglected section of the application, the auto-mapper.  Special thanks goes out to Matt Watkins for his many updates and continued support, especially in the auto-mapper updates.

Also I can’t forget about Andrew Schultz who has tirelessly updated the documentation as new features and changes come out.  All while building some sample maps that are now in the repository and beginning to create a test suite for us to validate future updates against.

Here are the updates to the this new version of Trizbort:

  • Export code (I7, I6, and TADS) to clipboard.
  • ‘W’ key to swap objects in two selected rooms.
  • Ability to start processing from the end of a transcript (@matthiaswatkins)
  • Automap can now process multiword special commands to provide better flexibility to prevent keyword collisions between certain games. (@matthiaswatkins)
  • General cleanup and speed improvements in the automapping (@matthiaswatkins)
  • sample folder contain maps of real games (created by @andrewschultz)
  • updated documentation (@andrewschultz)

New website

Also after purchasing the domain and some talks with Genstein, I’ve setup a quick initial draft of a new Trizbort website,  Currently just a quick update on new versions as they come out and links to the documentation, I’ve got some ideas for future updates to the website.  I just need to see how far I want to take it.

For now, I will continue to post here on new updates as well as as (and various forums and social media)

Please let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions.

Trizbort – released

Released version tonight.  This released focused on a few new features and some bug fixes, but the other nice thing is it now includes bundled in the release (as well as in the main repository on GitHub), the documentation that Andrew Schultz has been working hard on.

New features in this release:

  1. Individual rooms can now have their own border style (including no border at all)….this allows for  creating rooms that might have special meaning based on their border styles.
  2. Individual connections can now have their own color.  Helps to distinguish special connections by their color.
  3. The automapper now handles UNDO a little better thanks to GitHub user matthiaswatkins.  I hope to see some more submissions from him!

Release can be found at: – note links from earlier posts may not work, this link will get you the latest version.

Source code can be found at: – don’t forget here you can submit issues or feature requests.

Hope you enjoy this release.  We have more features and improvements lined up to be developed soon.  Also be on the lookout for a new website dedicated to Trizbort (I hope to get that in the works here soon).  Enjoy!

Of course you can find the original Trizbort at  I’ve had a few chats with him and he has been very supportive and excited that some work is being done and people are continuing to use his creation.  Thanks to him for the original!


April 2015 Update

I’ve not given an update recently, though not for lack of doing anything.  The last few months have been busy with IF work, though a lot of it has been done with developer tools and less with actually writing an works of Interactive Fiction.

When I last did an update (way back in July), I mentioned that I was part of team that was investigating some other game development areas, mostly surrounding Unity.  Well nothing came of that other than some interesting experiments.   However, one member of the team has dipped his toes into the IF world in some interesting ways which I’ll come back to.


As most of you may have figured out, I’ve taken up the task of updating Trizbort.  This has been a lot of fun tackling this and I think I’ve been able to add some nice features and fix some bugs.  I’ve had some great help from Andrew Schultz ( who has been not only been doing a great job of testing Trizbort as I release beta versions, but also has been instrumental in coming up with features to add.  He has been updating the help files for Trizbort as well and keeping up with all the changes.  He’s also done a great job of “marketing” Trizbort by releasing some maps utilizing the new features.  Thanks Andrew for everything!

Other Tools

Some other tools are in the works that I’m hoping to to get some progress on in the near future include:

  • A Unity3d tool that will read in Trizbort files and generate a 3d map.  Still in the early planning stages with the fellow I mentioned early that was part of my development team from last summer.
  • A tool I’ve been calling Chimera that will be a tool similar to Grotesque, which is a great tool but might be somewhat intimidating for a novice to install and get running.  I’m hoping to make it easier to install and use as well as adding features.  Still very much in the beginning

Interactive Fiction

Of course I’ve got a few things in the works in this front as well.  I still want to finish my IntroComp piece from last year, Hornet’s Nest.  I’ve done some work on it since the competition, but still need to take it to completion.

I’ve also signed up to participate in ShuffleComp2, and having received my song list this past Friday, I’ve begun to plan out this piece.

I’ve of course, like I suspect many others, have a half-dozen or so pieces in varying degrees of completion that may or not ever see the light of day outside of my little world.

Well back to work.   Go north my friends!


Trizbort – Update

Trizbort1585Another update is out there this evening, which can be found at the normal link

Version focused on adding a few features and fixing up a few bugs that have been around for quite a while. Look at the revisions.txt in the download file for a complete list.

Features include:
++ quickly inserting a room between two other connected rooms (just select a connection between two rooms and hit R to add one in between)
++ can now resize multiple selected rooms at once with the keyboard. (Alt+Ctrl+[Arrow Keys])
++ The smart save is a bit more customizable as to what is actually saved. Look in the App Settings.
++ In/Out and Up/Down now correctly exports to proper source code (this should work in all 3 supported languages)
++ You can now add subtitles to rooms (open up room properties)
++ Added a zoom level textbox in the status bar, to more finely control the zoom level.
++ White can now properly be chosen as a custom room color (open up room properties and go to the color tab)
++ Added additional 2nd fill color styles. They are slightly redundant, but seems more complete now.
++ continued improvement to the user experience for keyboard users.

Bug fixes include (just highlighting some of the bigger ones):
— Fixed F11 crash when automapping was turned off.
— fixed exception during copy/paste of multiple rooms and connections.
— fixed some color display issues on selected rooms with object text inside the room.
— fixed display error when adding rooms that were none standard in size.

As always, send bugs or suggestions to me personally or post them here for discussion. You can also find the latest bug / feature list at

If you are interested, the source is hosted on GitHub at

Trizbort Released

Trizbort1571I released today another version of Trizbort (  This version focused mainly on fixing some bugs and making the app a bit more user friendly for keyboard users.  There were a few new features that I think are pretty nifty.

As always you can download the latest bits at

If you are interested in seeing or playing with some code, you can find that on GitHub at

Bug Fixes

First with the bugs.  I thank everyone that made suggestions and reported bugs as they were much appreciated and made my job much easier.

Some of the highlights of things fixed:

  • Made the naming of regions a bit more robust as the user could enter some characters that would either break the save file or would break Inform if exported to code.
  • I also made the region setup form a bit more robust as there were a few ways to you could break the app if you tried hard enough.
  • I tried to clean up the exporting to Inform7 by making sure the app wouldn’t generate bad I7 code.  Some of these changes naturally fall through to I6 and TADS3, but I still need to do some work there as I’m not as familiar with those languages.
  • SmartSave better handles an unsaved Trizbort file better.
New features

As I have a long list of suggested feature ideas, I want to try to include some of those with each release (new features are usually more fun to play with than fixed bugs anyway)

Some highlights:

  • Selected rooms and connections are now much more noticeable and it doesn’t really interfere with the coloring of regions.
  • New keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-A) to select all rooms of a particular region (I’ll add a menu item later for you mouse users).  Select one room of the region you are interested in and press Ctrl-Shift-A and viola that region is selected.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Arrow to resize selected room.  That keystroke is pretty standard to handle resizing so I wanted to be sure to include it.
  • Arrow keys will now move selected rooms around.  Previously the arrow keys always moved the map, now if you have rooms selected it will move the rooms instead.  Nothing selected still moves the map as before.
  • Added some more context menu items and shortcut keys for quick access.