Trizbort Update

coloredmapMost of you are at least somewhat familiar with the mapping tool Trizbort, created by Genstein. Back in 2013, on this thread (viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7473) he announced his decision to opensource the code. Then in March 2014, on the same thread, forum user wertle, made some updates (which turned out to be pretty useful) and fixed a few bugs. Then nothing, there seemed to be little movement on new development. This last December, I asked my writing group if they felt there would be interest in making some updates. I received some great encouragement and Andrew Schultz (aschultz) specifically stepped up with some great ideas and feature requests. So work began.

Today I’m announcing a new beta release. I incorporated a few other branches that were made (including those from wertle) and many suggestions from Andrew, who became the primary tester. Main new features include:

What’s New?

  • Copy and paste (from wertle’s branch)
  • Fix for large maps (from wertle’s branch)
  • Support for Regions – You can specify room colors in any case, but regions make it easy and allow you to group rooms together.
  • SmartSave – quick shortcut to save PDF & default image type to base directory.
  • Join room – shortcut to join two selected rooms based on position on map.
  • Many updates and fixes in the export of code (regions only supported in I7 export)
  • UI enhancements – Beginning to add context menus, tooltips on rooms, improvements on keyboard functionality and shortcuts
  • Quite a few bugfixes.

Where to get it?SetRoomRegion

Link to zip file:

Simply unzip the file to a folder and run the executable (make sure all files included in the zip file are in the executable’s folder).

Andrew and I are making plans for more features and improvements so please if you have ideas let us know. You can also check out our bug / feature tracking at

Andrew is currently working on updating the documentation (with the blessing of Genstein) and he has put up a draft at … shtml?dl=0 and is of course open to suggestions to improve the documentation (still working on getting images updated).

If you’re so inclined you can see the source at

Again, remember this is beta software. Please let us know of any bugs that you find or features you think will be useful.

Inform 7 Gems – Is Transcription On?

As I was poking around the forums the other day, I realized how much information is buried in the forums.  Things I might not even think to search on or are difficult to find even when looking.  And when you do find something, it’s often difficult to piece the useful information together from a long thread.

With that in mind, I’m going to start a series of posts, starting with this one, on things I’ve found in the forums or elsewhere that I find interesting or useful and try to put them in nice digestible bites.  I hope to educate myself through this process and hopefully they’ll be of use to others as well.

Are we transcripting?

My first gem was suggested to me by Andrew Schultz.  Back in 2012 he had started a thread entitled I7 – Check if transcripting is on when noting?  The basic premise behind the post was checking if transcripting is turned on.  As I talked about in my previous post on easy transcription notes, Andrew was doing something similar, but as an added bonus, wanted to check if the transcription was turned on and if so, at a minimum warn the user that it wasn’t turned on.  Very useful for beta-testing and I myself often forget to turn on transcription.

With some help from zarf and others, what we end up with is pretty useful.

Include (-
[ CheckTranscriptStatus;
return ((0-->8) & 1);
return (gg_scriptstr ~= 0);

To decide whether currently transcripting: (- CheckTranscriptStatus() -)

ignore-transcript-nag is a truth state that varies.

After reading a command:
	if the player's command matches the regular expression "^\*.+":
		if currently transcripting:
			say "Noted.";
			if ignore-transcript-nag is false:
				say "You've made a comment-style command, but Transcript is off. Type TRANSCRIPT to turn it on, if you wish to make notes.[paragraph break]The long version of this nag will only appear once. You may press any key to continue.";
				wait for any key;
				now ignore-transcript-nag is true;
				say "(Comment not sent to transcript.)";
		reject the player's command.

What we have is some I6 code that is checking a flag (different depending on zcode vs glulx) that when the user enters a note command, it checks to see if transcription is on and warns the user if it is not.

We can even take it one step further and add this line of code if it is not on:

try switching the story transcript on;

This will prompt the user to turn on transcription and should work in either zcode or glulx.

I seeing more and more that I really need to dive into I6 more to see the possibilities that I may be missing.

Edit: changed the regular expression to work around the I7 bug mentioned in the comments.