Trizbort – April 2016 update

So after a long hiatus, I’ve released another update of Trizbort.  This update has many updates that have been sitting out there for a few months now.  Thanks to Andrew Schultz once again for many of these changes as he was a huge driver for many of them.

You can see the full list of changes on the release page at or directly from GitHub at

As always, let me know if you have any suggestions, requests or bug reports either here or create an issue on GitHub.



Trizbort updated download

If you downloaded the zip file containing the executable prior to about 6am eastern time this morning, you’ll want to re-download it.  I managed to really screw it up and put up the last releases builds.  The correct download is out there now on

Sorry about the mixup.

Trizbort – Octagonal Rooms, Alpha of Hugo exporter, many fixes and more

Excited to announce the new release of Trizbort (, version    Just a small jump in version number but quite a few new features and fixes.

Highlight of New features and Enhancements:

Octagonal Rooms:  To add to our list of room shapes, you can now make a room octagonal.  Great for STOP sign rooms.


Start Room Indicator:  Now you can indicate a room as the starting location, this will carry through to the export to code.  Notice the green highlight in the above image….that’s the starting room.

Hugo Exporter:  This is currently in alpha and needs tested by some real Hugo developers.  We’ve tested, but we don’t know the intricacies of Hugo.  If anyone can offer advice, or take up development of that section, we would appreciate it.

Continued ZIL support and improvements:  Thanks to Jesse McGrew for his assistance and pull request on improvements to the ZIL support!

So much more:  We’ve continued to improve the statistics and usability of the application as well as fixing many bugs that have been uncovered.

Thanks to all those involved in testing, development and improving this product.  Special thanks to Andrew Schultz for his continued support, testing and recent development and to Jesse McGrew for his ZIL support.

As always you can get the latest from, and checkout what’s on the list for coming versions at  Feel free to add your request or reports there.  Enjoy!

Trizbort – August Update – Now different shaped rooms

2015-08-08_13-46-20Time for another Trizbort update.  This update focused on one new feature in particular.  Now rooms can have different shapes.  This is something I’ve wanted to put in for a long time, and it was actually relatively easy to get in.  It has been a bit more difficult to get to work properly.  There is still some work to do especially in regards to how connections  work with the elliptical and rounded corners, but for the most part they aren’t too bad.  Please let me know if you find any issues.

You can grab the latest downloads at

New Features

Room Shapes

Room shapes are obviously the biggest new feature (in fact it really is the only new feature).  You now have the abillity to create elliptical rooms (Ctrl-E), rooms with rounded corners (Ctrl-R) and individual rooms can have straight edges (Ctrl-H to toggle), instead of the all or nothing hand-drawn vs straight edges.

You can make the change to selected rooms with the shortcut keys or from the menu (main or 2015-08-08_13-55-03context).  If you go into room properties, you can also adjust the room shape.  Currently the rounded corners room is the only one with some additional properties that can be set.  You can adjust the radius of the each of the 4 corners.  The range is from 1 to 30 for each corner to allow for some differing shapes.

Menu update

Also in this version I cleaned up the menus.  Now instead of the edit menu being incredibly long, I broke out Room and Connection specific items into their own respective menus.  This leaves us with much more manageable menus.  I also updated the context menus so that all the appropriate items would show over the appropriate items on the map.

As usual go to for the latest released updates or go to the github page for the latest and greatest (or not so greatest) code.


Trizbort Update – Now supports ZIL

As the title says, there is a new Trizbort update. is available over on the github release page (along with the code as usual).  This update is rather small in number of changes, though the ZIL support is a pretty cool addition.

  • Text wrapping will now occur on dashes as well as spaces
  • Redact text from map – remove all text so as not to give away spoilers Ctrl+F4
  • Updated link to online help in the help menu
  • History text in map settings will generate an “about” command when exporting code. Currently only I7 and TADS3.

As the title suggests, I’ve also added ZIL support.  If you are not sure what ZIL is, it is essentially the language that Infocom used to write their games (language definition documentation is an interesting read).  Under the code export, menu (File->Export) there are now options for saving your map to ZIL as well as copying the ZIL code to the clipboard.


This will output a simple ZIL file, with code that looks like the following:

"A Trizbort Map main file"


"Main Loop"

<CONSTANT GAME-BANNER "A Trizbort Map|An interactive fiction by A Trizbort User">
    <CRLF> <CRLF>
    <TELL "" CR CR>
        <COND (<PARSER>
               <PERFORM, PRSA, PRSO, PRSI>
               <APPLY <GETP, HERE, P?ACTION> ,M-END>
               <OR <GAME-VERB?> <CLOCKER>>)>
        <SETG HERE <LOC ,WINNER>>>>

<INSERT-FILE "parser">


    (DESC "Cave")
    (IN ROOMS)
    (LDESC "The cave is dark, wet and clammy.  A mist appears to hover inches above the ground.")

    (LOC CAVE)
    (DESC "Flashlight")

So now I’ve got this cool ZIL language file generated from my map….well now what?

Well here is where the work of Jesse McGrew comes into play. He is currently working on a ZIL compiler and related tools, that will compile this ZIL file and take the resultant file and create a Z8 file from it (or Z3 or Z5)…you can see his work, or just grab the compile to play with on his Bitbucket account ( He has put a lot of effort and done a great deal of work on his project so it’s great to see it progressing to the point of actually being able to create games with it.

I should mention that Jesse is still working on his project so things may and likely will change. I don’t suspect there will be issues, but I will try and make sure that as Jesse puts out new releases, that Trizbort keeps pace.

The ZIL support in Trizbort currently handles rooms and objects as well as I understand them to work in ZIL. I’m still learning the language myself, so there are bound to be issues….but I hope to work them out as well as expand on the way Trizbort handles objects in the future which will pay dividends across all the languages that Trizbort exports to.

This was also a good experiment for me on creating an new language exporter in Trizbort….up to this point, I’ve just worked with what Genstein had originally put into Trizbort, just making minor modifications and fixes….but I’ve discovered that this isn’t really all that hard to put a new language in place, so I hope to not only expand on how Trizbort handles objects (and people and supports / containers and all that entails), but also on expanding into other languages….Alan, Hugo, …. whatever else might fit the bill and lend itself to code generation from a map. This actually sounds like a lot of fun to implement.

Anyway, enjoy this little update and I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to let me know of any issues that you may find.

Trizbort – June Release

Time for another Trizbort release.  Version is out and available for download.  This releases adds a few new features that I think are pretty handy and fixes a few issues with the automapper (thanks for Marshall Tenner Winter for asking me to beta test his WIP which helped me find these few issues with it.)

  • Form to show some basic map statistics. We can expand no this in the future.
  • Swap room names with Ctrl+W
  • Swap room formats/fills with Shift+W
  • Swap room regions with Alt+W
  • Automapper does a bit better job of ignoring the game title.
  • Automapper handles room names that end in paranethesis a little better.
  • Fixed the copy / paste which was broken in some cases.
  • Setting a connection to plain (P), now sets the color back to default and removes the middle text if any.
  • Added some special select commands under Edit->Select Special. Quickly allows the user to select special items (all rooms with objects for example).

As always, send me any issues that you may find or forward me on any feature requests you may have.


Trizbort and New Trizbort Website

Thanks to some contributors we’ve been able to keep development of Trizbort moving along.  So I’m happy to release another minor update to Trizbort.  This update (, focused on a few new features and the beginning work on a somewhat neglected section of the application, the auto-mapper.  Special thanks goes out to Matt Watkins for his many updates and continued support, especially in the auto-mapper updates.

Also I can’t forget about Andrew Schultz who has tirelessly updated the documentation as new features and changes come out.  All while building some sample maps that are now in the repository and beginning to create a test suite for us to validate future updates against.

Here are the updates to the this new version of Trizbort:

  • Export code (I7, I6, and TADS) to clipboard.
  • ‘W’ key to swap objects in two selected rooms.
  • Ability to start processing from the end of a transcript (@matthiaswatkins)
  • Automap can now process multiword special commands to provide better flexibility to prevent keyword collisions between certain games. (@matthiaswatkins)
  • General cleanup and speed improvements in the automapping (@matthiaswatkins)
  • sample folder contain maps of real games (created by @andrewschultz)
  • updated documentation (@andrewschultz)

New website

Also after purchasing the domain and some talks with Genstein, I’ve setup a quick initial draft of a new Trizbort website,  Currently just a quick update on new versions as they come out and links to the documentation, I’ve got some ideas for future updates to the website.  I just need to see how far I want to take it.

For now, I will continue to post here on new updates as well as as (and various forums and social media)

Please let me know if you find any issues or have suggestions.