Trizbort v1.7

New version of Trizbort released into the wild today.  V1.7 has just a few small items in it.

Open maps from Web

You can now open Trizbort files from the web.  Ctrl-Shift-O or File -> Open Map from Web (Ctrl-Shift-O) will bring up a small dialog to enter in a URL to the map.  Trizbort will download it and open it up.   The file can then be saved locally or any other function can be performed on the file.   The URL will also be included in the recent files list so you can open it again later.   Be aware that if you close Trizbort while the map from URL is open, it will be re-opened again when you open Trizbort if the feature to load the last opened map is enabled.

Small Object Updates

Another small change is to the objects section in the room  properties dialog.  You can now indicate whether an object is being worn instead of carried.  In I7 there is a difference.  It is treated as being carried in other languages.  This is indicated by putting a [w] at the end of the object text.

Also in I7, an object can be a “part of” another object.  Again this is indicated by indenting the child object under the parent and adding [h] to the end.  Otherwise, it will be treated as being contained by.  Again in I7 there is a difference.

If other languages handle these as I7 handle them, please let me know as I’m not versed in the other languages beyond the basics.

Other than that, there are just some minor bug fixes and code refactoring.

New Update process

If you are running 1.6.1, you have a new option to do an update.  Under the Help menu there is an option for Check for Updates.  This will detect that v1.7 is available and will prompt you to download and auto-install the new version.

Of course, if you prefer or are running an older version, you can still head over to GitHub and grab the latest release zip file and unzip as normal.

As always, any problems, questions or comments, please let me know here or over on GitHub.  Enjoy!